Amok Trey

Amok trey, or you can just call it as Amok, is a kind of dish which you can find in In South-East Asian cuisine. The name changed because people start to use chicken rather than fish, that is why the word trey of fish added now, so at least you can tell the differences. In Cambodia itself, cat fish is one of the most common ingredients which used in the Amok trey making, but actually any kind of white fishes would be perfectly fine. You do not have to use too much coconut milk in your dish, but you still need enough to be able to add a thick solid on the top part. if you plan to use instant coconut milk, there is no need for you to shake the box first before you use it. Mok or Amok itself is a term which used to describe the steam cooking process to cook foods ingredients inside banana leaves.

Yes, if you stay in Europe or America, you probably do not have any idea that you would be able to use banana leaves to cover your food and cook it together. When banana leaves get steamed or baked, they will produce some kind of oil which will make your foods become much more aromatic than before. In the Amok trey dish, galangal and super thick coconut milk would be two of the most important ingredients which you can not forget no matter what. Be careful when you make food with coconut milk, because you will get stomachache and diarrhea if you consume them too much. Thai people also have their own version of Amok trey. Usually, they will use thai curry paste as the red curry ingredients. Amok trey itself is a kind of thick soup which contains meat, fish, vegetables, coconut milk and eggs.

Bai Sach Chrouk

Bai sach chrouk is a dish which made from grilled pork, and people of Cambodia usually eat it in their breakfast time. A pork meat would be marinated together with garlic, sometimes with coconut milk too, and then you can slowly grilled it above a burning charcoal. In order to be able to make the meat marinade, first you have to place all the ingredients which you need in a large, non reactive bowl. Stir all of those ingredients well to mix all of them and dissolve the sugar. After all the spices well combined (the ingredients are soy sauce, crushed garlic cloves, coconut milk, grated palm sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce, you can start to add the pork meat to the mixture. If you do not eat or can not eat pork meat, then i think you just can replace it with lamb meat, cow meat, or chicken meat, although i think lamb meat would be a perfect replacement.

Turning the meat in order to be able to fully coated it. After that, you can cover the meat with plastic warp and keep in your fridge for one night, so all the spices can go into the middle part of the meat. On the other hand, if you want to make picked vegetables, you can mix sugar and one cup water into a saucepan, and mix slowly until the sugars are dissolve (use medium heat). After that, you can remove it from heat, let it cool, then put vinegar, ginger, chillies and your choice of vegetables (usually i will use carrot, daikon , and cucumber. All of them should be finely shredded. After all the ingredients are mixed well, you can place them into a clean jar and keep it in your fridge for at least 3 hours (longer would be better).

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